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Gold Country Sutter Creek

Posted Jan-27-20 at 10:55 AM By Racine

Out Trip to Gold Country Sutter Creek this past weekend was great fun. At the top of the list was Delano's 300 game.....

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Shasta Away Match, April 2-3

Posted Mar-14-16 at 4:45 PM By Dennis Racine

Our away match vs. Shasta on April 2-3 is set. You can get details here: (Note you need to be logged in to see who's assigned to the match).

Out next match after that is a 1 day match down in Rocklin, so if you can attend, or not get signed up now.

The schedule system online here is now tied in with the new match maker software, so as you make yourself available/maybe/Can't go it will automatically update your status in the system, so please use it, and let us know, even if you can't go, as it really helps to know if you're available or not.