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Recap on October 23rd

Posted Oct-23-15 at 4:32 PM By Anthony

Hello everyone,

I just have a few things so I will make this short. Thank you to everyone that bowled yesterday 10/12/14 against Sutter Creek. We had a nice time and we won 3 out of the 4 matches. This puts us at 16 and 8 for our new season. Thanks to everyone that brought food and helped with cards, ticket sales, and clean up.

Our next match is this SATURDAY at 1:00 pm in Sutter Creek. They will be serving us lunch at 12:30 pm so please arrive accordingly. I am in need of a couple bowlers for this Saturday. If you can bowl please contact me as soon as possible I have to send them our line up no later than Wednesday night of this week.

Do to unavoidable situations I am in need of 2 bowlers for out match against Winnemucca on Oct. 25th & 26th. Please let me know if you can help the club and bowl.

Lastly, there seems to be a problem with club members not receiving my emails or calls. Can everyone please take a moment and respond to this email so I know who is getting my emails and who I need to get new ones from. Also could you please update your phone number please.

See you this Saturday in Sutter Creek,


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Club Meeting Info - Voting on Move

Posted Oct-11-15 at 4:36 PM By Anthony

Hello Everyone,

The Gold Country Match Club Board is calling for a non scheduled club meeting on November 7th, at (time and place to follow). All members need to attend if possible.This meeting is to discuss and vote on moving the club from our current location in Auburn to  Prosperity Lanes in Grass Valley.The vote you will be casting is to either stay at our current Auburn location or to move to Grass Valley.  Currently our lineage in Auburn is $10.00 per bowler or $80.00 per match. The lineage at the Prosperity location will be $9.00 per bowler or $72.00 per match. This will be on average (based on 4 teams) a savings to our club of$32.00 for a 1 day match and $64.00 for a 2 day match.All members are encouraged to attend but if you ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE BEFORE THE MEETING ON NOVEMBER 7TH. TO CAST YOUR VOTE PLEASE attend the meeting or reply to this email with a yes or no vote. You can also Call Bob Phillips (President) or Anthony Hengel (Match Maker)with your vote.This email will serves as a notice to all. Please consider this matter before the meeting. Members who do not have email will be called and informed of this information.

No vote is required now, but please reply to this email so I know everyone received.

Thank you,

Anthony Hengel
Match Maker

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Sept 2015: Recap

Posted Sep-22-15 at 4:08 PM By Anthony

Thank you everyone for another great weekend of bowling. We had 10 matches this weekend against Winnemucca and we won 7 out of 10. That is absolutely fantastic. Not only did we win 7 of the matches but from what I could tell everyone had a fun time. Thank you everyone who helped set up / put away our stuff. Thank you Bob for getting the coffee all set up Saturday night for our Sunday morning match (I forgot it). Thank you JOY for attending the match even though you could not bowl and for handling the cards, strike pot, and 50/50 pot. Thank you George & Carla for doing the announcing. Thank you Bob for all your extra help trying to fix lanes 21 & 22, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you to Steffi/Frank, Cindi/Dennis, & Janeen for bringing the donuts, cookies, & the HOME made cookies & cupcakes/muffins. Everything tasted great. If I forgot to thank anyone I am sorry and please let me know.

FYI, our club has had 20 matches since the start of the new season and we are 13 & 7!!!!!! That is awesome. Let's keep it going.

Our Match against Winnemucca on Oct. 25-26, 2014 is approaching quickly and I am still in need of at least 6 more bowlers. Please if you could attend the match please let me know A.S.A.P. They brought 5 teams to our house and I need to take at least 4 teams to their house. Everyone that attended last year had a good time and they are a fun team to bowl with.

Finally, but very important I have set a date of December 13th & 14th of this year with Foothill Bowl for Our Match club to host our 1st Annual Christmas NO Tap Bowling Tournament. We will be inviting all the clubs we bowl with and also we will be including anyone that has a current league average from other leagues and houses in the area. The cost for this tournament will be $20.00 per day. The prize fund is being worked out still but $10.00 of each days entry fee will go to the prize fund. We will have a separate prize fund for each day. The tournament will be singles with an option to bowl doubles for an additional $ 10.00 fee per team side pot. The doubles prize money will be 100% of funds raised from doubles entry fee. The handicap will be 100% of 220. This should give everyone a fair chance. We will have a 50 / 50 pot with half the funds going to the club. Bob is creating the flyer so please watch for it for the rest of the details. This tournament IS NOT A REQUIRED MATCH TO ATTEND. But our club is hosting it so I am hoping we have a strong showing from our club. There will be no fines or pay frames in this event. If attending please represent our club by wearing your shirts. There will be more details to come. We are trying to raise a little money for the club through entry fees and the 50 / 50 pot and hopefully generate interest so we can gain new members. Bob and I are in need a volunteers to help. Please if you can help contact Bob or myself. Please put these dates on your calendar. I will be updating everyone as we go along. We have a goal of 60 bowlers with space for 80 bowlers. The more bowlers the higher the prize money. This event should be a lot fun! Please R.S.V.P. and soon as you can. Any questions please email me at [email protected] or call me at 916-470-5011

Thank you,

Anthony Hengel

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