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Posted Oct-11-15 at 4:36 PM By Anthony

Hello Everyone,

The Gold Country Match Club Board is calling for a non scheduled club meeting on November 7th, at (time and place to follow). All members need to attend if possible.This meeting is to discuss and vote on moving the club from our current location in Auburn to  Prosperity Lanes in Grass Valley.The vote you will be casting is to either stay at our current Auburn location or to move to Grass Valley.  Currently our lineage in Auburn is $10.00 per bowler or $80.00 per match. The lineage at the Prosperity location will be $9.00 per bowler or $72.00 per match. This will be on average (based on 4 teams) a savings to our club of$32.00 for a 1 day match and $64.00 for a 2 day match.All members are encouraged to attend but if you ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE BEFORE THE MEETING ON NOVEMBER 7TH. TO CAST YOUR VOTE PLEASE attend the meeting or reply to this email with a yes or no vote. You can also Call Bob Phillips (President) or Anthony Hengel (Match Maker)with your vote.This email will serves as a notice to all. Please consider this matter before the meeting. Members who do not have email will be called and informed of this information.

No vote is required now, but please reply to this email so I know everyone received.

Thank you,

Anthony Hengel
Match Maker

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